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Listen: "I'll be joined by the bracket killer, that's right, the leading score for Middle Tennessee, Reggie Upshaw"

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Grant Halverson
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Coming up after John fans update all be joined by The bracket killer that's right believes score for Middle Tennessee Reggie Upshaw well join the next but first always sports update with John tests which player the only team in the country in the number one overall seed cruising into This Week sixteen Kansas City number one in the South region disposed of you con seventy-three sixty-one point seldom led the way with twenty-two points and says after a couple of early exits the last couple of years things through a different this time around you know there was a lot of motivation from the shooting though that feeling that we have a new knows on a key continued playing a where we are as have fun game argument elsewhere North Carolina pulled away from Providence eighty-five sixty-six the Top seeded Tar Heel will take on the Indiana and the Regional Sunday's next week in Philadelphia the Hoosiers top of Kentucky seventy-three sixty seven eighteen points for Yogi federal who likes the way his team responded from a shaky start not they got the start of this we were playing not like we always play on his little bit timid they can jump shots turned the ball over you know not solid on defense but you know I like the way that we adjusted in this game elsewhere Virginia Tech down Butler seventy-seven sixteen on the top seeded Cavaliers moving out of the Sweet Sixteen for the second time in three years they'll square off with fourth seeded Iowa stayed away no trouble and being a little rocks Cinderella run seventy-eight to sixty one Miami blew a twenty-one twenty lead but still found a way to crawl past Wichita State sixty-five I fifty-seven Duke nearly blue all of the twenty-seven point lead for the Blue Devils Hall known to squeak past EL.