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Just going final buffalo waynes over the new york rangers four to one"

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Chris Chambers
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Good a playing rob thank you so much dead baxter dan schwartzman tear looking at a big day for the keepy oh as you take a good look at global sports what's up and you to some snapped a it's for me to be on the ahl games are small scoring three goals in only twenty minutes they re said three no doubts that to play bournemouth to a three all draw that happen that goldstein stadium olivier sure road scoring the equalize in the first of six added minutes the gunners what the point remain one point behind manchester city for third in the league standings everybody looking up at shell sees one the city point off its first win since sacking former us national team boss bob bradley after only eleven games a knock off crystal palace two to one elite score from on hell running down new manager paul commend picking up the win after find yet only hours before kickoff media been appointed elsewhere stokes city shutout watford to win it all moving on to allow league i've medical madrid they get off a good start in their copa delray last sixteen tied to know win over last promise i grunt cannot area elsewhere valencia loses at home the job to be go four to one five are blank so system that three nailed a lot as a dip or t the locker room yup playing to a two all draw nba scoreboard one local team in action to forty five to go in the game the celtics at home they're pulling away from utah it's one eleven to ninety eight in the at age al just going final buffalo waynes over the new york rangers four to one jersey devils over carolina three to one tippett offer to be facing off and not twenty minutes the kings are at the san jose sharks the houston texans announcing brock osweiler as their starter for saturday's playoff game against the oakland raiders osweiler has struggled this season with fifteen touchdown passes against sixteen interceptions new york jets of picking up there a coaching staff after going five eleven on the season off its of coordinator chan gailey has announced his retirement all five position coaches were all let go on the edge wants with that you're bloomer again be see world sports update julio thank you very much down low.