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Listen: "We're done in college football it it's the uniqueness of our sport"

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Christian Petersen
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You know i just stick kubiak has been dollars but but you're right everything is that you know we're done in college football it it's the uniqueness of our sport and we're seeing of the week but but brodeur picture first you know the bother him and change the youth to cut a raise the bar of competition they they put a lot of money in their facilities they went out paid but the top dollar for coaches they are track great coaches and that demographics football players there's probably more football players in the southeast then that's just the way it is but you know in sports you have to adjust when one guy that running minute miles you know you have to wait and you have to one three fifty nine i mean in in golf you can't be in a brawl two hundred fifty yard off the tee and he works you want to compete you got to hit three hundred yards.