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How Long Should It Take To Find The One You Love?

Author of 'How To Find Love in 60 Seconds', Brian Howie reveals a chapter in his book of how one can find love within sixty seconds.

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"Women are a lot more in control of their dating states than they either want to accept or want to believe"

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You wrote this book of how to fall in love in sixty seconds. - How to find love in sixty seconds. Yea. - Can you give us just a little run down of that, and why isn't this working for you? - Well, its working. I teach how to find it. I don't teach how to keep it. - Alright. - Alright, well what it does, and the book is for the women. What it really does, its explain that women are a lot more in control of their dating states then they either want to accept or they want to believe. And that doesn't mean that they should be asking out guys, but it does mean that there are opportunities every single day where in sixty seconds they can make a decision to recognize an opportunity, act on an opportunity, and most importantly, not kill an opportunity. It's sort of explains how all of us, men and women are probably within ten yards of five or six people every single day of who can fall in love with. And the book, and our shows, sort of teach people how you can recognize that.