Listen: "Just two NBA teams undefeated at home, you don't need to Google it do you, the Golden State and San Antonio"

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Jason Miller
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Missed eleven games with a bad knee he just fouled out but not before he scored twenty-four points with two minutes to go in the fourth quarter he has stayed Chicago to a one oh four ninety six lead over Houston still going also in the NBA the Clippers already have thirty points in around front in the first quarter over Atlanta thirty to twenty one just to NBA team is undefeated at home you don't need to Google it the Golden State and San Antonio warriors off tonight Spurs were at all protecting their record against Sacramento why Leonard twenty-five points thirteen rebounds spurs beat the Kings One oh four to ninety four with Kevin Love back in the lineup after a night off the Cavaliers look good two long enough case on base lebron James with twenty-eight points Cleveland beat Boston won twenty to one of three John Wall could not finish the job tonight for Washington he picked the side of the line one dribble to jump shot golf again and the Pacers when it Mark Boyle Pacers radio Indiana to be the Wizards one hundred to ninety nine New York rolled past Detroit one oh two to eighty nine Utah one oh six ninety four win or at New Orleans minnesota beat Brooklyn one thirty-two to one eighteen college basketball top twenty-five midway through the second half Colorado leading at number thirteen Utah forty three a thirty was senior day celebration for top-ranked Kansas Kellin drives inside and but it did Perry Allen Davis Zion G Jayhawk radio Alice with twenty-two points in his last game in Allen Fieldhouse Kansas held off number twenty-one Iowa State eighty five seventy eight all top six teams were winners number seven Miami lost a Virginia Tech seventy seven sixty two Austin P and Yale one automatic berths to the N.C. Add a tournaments.