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Listen: "In NFL the Pro Bowl at team Irvin over team Rice 49 27 from Hawaii"

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Lachlan Cunningham
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In 16 and are off until Wednesday that the down the Timberwolves up next NFL the Pro Bowl at team urban over team Rice 49 27 from Hawaii Oakland running back Mike Davis Murray goes for 42 yards on nine carries Raiders quarterback Derek Carr 14 a twenty-five thousand was picked off twice in the game defensive end we all back haveI bubble recover in the game as well 15 Bryce he Raiders Charles Woodson at eight Eichel in the game for the Forty Niners Linebacker Navarro Bowman has interception her team Ervin as Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson on Wednesday MVP award hours after throwing for 100 64 yards at three touchdown passes elsewhere Indiana fell one and star wide receiver Calvin Johnson this told coach Jim Caldwell was the final season Johnson a spent nine years in the NFL making the Pro Bowl five times he lines are reportedly holding out hope that he would change his mind before the season ends these perceptions in franchise history for the Lions NHL all-star game Eddie Pacific winning over the Atlantic with one nothing Anaheim's Corey Perry scored the lone goal in the championship game in for certain John Scott 1 defense all-star AVP award He scored two goals in the opening game Chicago's Patrick native ignore the velocity Pacific.