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Listen: "Hall of Fame caliber nine year NFL career, Calvin Johnson confirms in a statement he issued yesterday that he's decided to retire"

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This afterwards Head Coach Jeff clash on FoxSports Detroit top pretty glove with bubble off not good enough not even close so you know we were able to make it close at the end and that's great we had stretches of grades for his second period was good we didn't come out to and play the way we need to play to have any comes successive we play like that he will lose tonight if we play like the loose Thursday that last week the Wings just two points ahead of the Philadelphia Flyers in the battle for the final playoff spot in the MHL Eastern Conference after Hall of Fame caliber nine year NFL career Calvin Johnson confirms a mistake and he issued yesterday he's decided to retire from the league effective immediately that decision said shockwaves throughout the sport twirled it also drew reactions from a number of people including the man who drafted Johnson back in two thousand seven lions GM Matt Millen it is not surprising because he's a very interest active guy he's a guy who can a lot of different scenarios teams do it can fill a healthy would consider you know all kinds of things there let go along it also consider is huge productive and you could be until you have the standard he'd like to play but thanks to Matt Don sports radio for these of that all your Johnson becomes the fifth big-name player to retire from the NFL this offseason he joins Peyton Manning Charles Woodson Jared Allen and Marshall Lynch the moves of note from the NFL yesterday defensive end Mario Williams agreed to a two year deal with the Miami Dolphins linebacker Bruce Irvin agrees to a free agent contract with the Oakland Raiders elite he'll similarly considered the best often supply MIN in free agency also agrees to a multi-year deal Tuesday with the Oakland Raiders the Pistons put to pick up their sixth win.