How Did Three Peace Activists Infiltrate A National Security Complex?

Dan Zak is author of 'Almighty'. Here he discusses how the three peace activists infiltrated the Y-12 National Security Complex, known as 'Fort Knox of Uranium'.

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Keystone Atsushi Tomura
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A.K.A., his book almighty, Kurcz resistance in leagues its essential peril and the nuclear age is published by blue writer press we you did you cover the story at all for The Washington Post, I did I wrote the long feature story was concert but a nine thousand words story and now , all twenty third and, you know the storied instant was path to me my colleague of mine to cover National Security on the general assignment reporter, Anderson or they realized kind of, the implications of the them to think the mic necessary contact, you know I decided without enters the deserved today kind of long takeout and down, they're rather nipple twenty thirteen on that certain a book about a year later, listen response the public response and the government response to the Breaking, well, course Washington reacted by holding Congressional hearing which chiefly, we did a lot, collected officials to kind of Wagner finger, amen after Pau could this happen and what