Listen: "The Lakers beat the Warriors today, that was a complete surprise"

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Jeff Gross
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He looks like he's running away with it and it changes bone like that that's not to say that upsets don't occur in football are basketball is not to say that they happen all the time but I think you have a more accurate sense and are surprised last and not only don't being surprised but how you're surprised like Phil Lakers beat the Warriors today it was a complete surprise how many point for the Lakers score a hundred and twelve that wasn't just one bucket that they scored compared to mixed martial arts worth one kick one punch that can lead to a win not always but span lead to a win or at least a turning point not the way it works with basketball football baseball much different than that by the way the the Warriors losing to the Lakers is this nothing Earth there's some significant Stewart I actually do think they're some significance to it with the Warriors shot four of thirty from three point range that's often Splash Brothers combined one of eighteen terrible typically they shoot much much better but as it and you look toward the playoffs as it relates to that but they have a bad shooting night there really off this is the one bad game against a really solid team like the Spurs I could put him on deaf well absolutely could lead to them trailing in the series and having to come back to win it so I I do think there's something to it I would just chalk it up to what they were in L.A. maybe they hit the town they were un Folk as the Lakers think there weren't Coby SOX it has been taken seriously what whatever it was I think it's beyond that man I do think that they relied so heavily on outside shooting and typically Steph Curry and Klay Thompson a magnificent but not always now it and it showed that when they're off they can get blown out by a team like the Lakers there's some significant through that and I'm not expecting them to shoot four of thirty consistently but I big it's possible it's absolutely possible even come playoff time it's a by the way to the find the silver lining for the Warriors well getting up Dustin by the Lakers today it placed on Friday Prince he was performing yet a concert on Friday at the Oracle and that's over there in Oakland obviously with the Warriors play and listen to it Shout out for Steph Curry.