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Listen: "Lot more uptight when they were in New York you know the court against the Seahawks and they"

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Otto Greule Jr
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Forget that especially now being a cause people wanna talk about you remember places you know you're gonna vacation play Solomon I've been here or feels good it feels good i'm back to Super Bowl at does not feel good after Peyton does a last time you're here the last vacation you were here in a spot you did end with you know you public got sick had food poisoning you're gonna vacation Adidas is acting and I think he remembers that how has he changed and being around some other guys yesterday from the broncos lose down the high salutes lot more uptight when they were in New York you know the court against the Seahawks and they pay their worst pulse the way lot more loops momma so that is Gary Kubiak I think a lot of United too I think a lot of us here it's you know enters the think we have to former players head coaches you know that better coach in the Super Bowl no Gary did as a player On the behind John you look at Ron Revere as a player and Chicago that to me is worthy in a Fill is right now because these guys belief I think Ron Rivera didn't forget how the coach a couple years back when he's on the hot seat saving with Gary Kubiak writing insisting in Houston Wells and Jacksonville In forget how the Colts overnight Aegis you have one bad year nearby says he's got ago and now the said he's coach in the Super Bowl it's to me it's all about feeding you're players the right information this league if you can that be successful every single year it just doesn't work that way the league is not set up that way it's Patriots are pretty success levies they're pretty successful they have these kind of these on their own slam shut no not about his longest no checks they're all using Tom Brady themI Tom and dealer together those two guys to me They run DNA families like it is no matter what I'm Linda things always laugh about his right after the Bulls over with pay hears the 2016 NFL odds to win the Super Bowl pages me right there right there voiced their right there in a guy draft.