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Listen: "Any movie that depicts smoking should automatically get an R rating"

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Ilya S. Savenok
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The ratings organization emotion pitcher Association of America that the does the rating show decisive this movie get up PG thirteen or does is getting our does is getting a whatever so the allegation is any movie any movie that depicts a smoking should automatically get an are rating that's it the the ideas they say that if you took cigarettes smoking out of of Lewin Chris allowed a cases movie makers you know where our rating because you've read MPG thirteen because if you got to our rating that's going to exclude a lot of your potential path potential moviegoers you're going to pretty much just limited to two adults where is if you got to PG thirteen here gonna be able track some of the teenagers who can't get into the our rated movies anybody really forces this Tony how this group is trying to get it or suing the motion picture Association America to say you should require that any movie did show cigarettes smoking should Have in our rating attached to it and the argue that this would save lives by reducing the number of young Smoker is because if you go to a movie and you see Johnny gap with a cigarette hanging out his mouth you might think that looks cool and you might want to have the Cigarette I have a violent not Smoker but at the same time the way I think you get people to stop smoking issue educate them on the dangers of smoking and this idea that we're going to be the sense to ship police and we're going to start saying okay if you so Cigarette smoking that's automatically got to be an are movie I think that's going with the way way too far it certainly shows how things have changed from what is Lucille ball Ricky Ricardo DeSean as walking around their set taking a shows with Cigarette and their mouth's a thing was to within a Griffith you're listening to the faster Jeff White for more Jeff Wagner check out or Szavay WTMJ dot com.