The Reason The Scales Are Beginning To Tip Towards Bernie Sanders

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at this point it looks like it can back, Bernie and Erick Aybar, now my it, Campbell from last week, eight, in just had a rally, he had in an area of amen area with content, it should be her area should be where she picking up a lot of though light, voters, now heard that only picked up ground three hundred and ten news that shot and, compare that to Bernie Sanders who had a rally and Applegate let's Konta that area that you would expect Hillary Clinton can do well, in addition cat what he's been doing now and, he had a thousand good people anchor audience so it back and you an indication but I think Curry, look it's or even bring hindered doing well with a Hillary Clinton and, going kill either he can Bernie Sanders method of Marry and pull it down, chore in India under and they can they bank and, and he keeps him under, and Larry clip, they should be hearing longer and longer and she hit falling one where policy, so at the very core and the Port friend when you go to the rally if you need understand why Bernie hindered playing in a lot of energy him a little bit