Listen: "Islanders now one point behind the Penguins in the Metropolitan"

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Bruce Bennett
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Just two games with the Islanders trying to stay in playoff contention Leddy hold that it up point right point that out of twine life it kind of it one news women and Matt Murray got credit for that goal of the bounce the Senators three one Chris game with called the Islanders radio network Isles now one point behind the Penguins in Metropolitan four points up on the Flyers in the Wild card Yulia the game on the schedule was the Rangers beating the Bruins five two if you rule changes will be implemented for the upcoming football season to unsportsmanlike conduct penalties now result in automatic ejections touchbacks on kickoffs to replace the twenty-five yard line who's also a free agent signing as the Eagles came to terms of former Giants Wide Receiver Rueben Randle and Marco balletic it's time to play vault keep your radio tuned to CBS Sports Radio.