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Listen: "Before deciding to put them back in the White House"

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Frankly there's so much lower back to quit that people should become aware of in and look at before deciding to put them back in the White House and one of the things that I comment on a lot in the in the morning we're in a situation where people I don't think the minimal icing and really missed reading the Trump support I don't look up as a person but I sure like what I'm saying in taking up the industry because I think in needed to be shaken up and people don't understand it's not him that come doesn't win now we'll be someone in a couple of years it's better spoken and maybe a little less arrogant the trot then Trump that all dominate an election because people are just tired of seeing people from both he's get in and do absolutely nothing I mean in your in my generations we've seen it no last maybe three decades just nothing get done and beyond that you know we saw that after Bender was gone then and Paul Ryan came in there were going to be some real changes them when you soured all within that Grayson one point one trillion dollars spending nowhere Obama basically got everything he wanted done they they didn't fight for anything except for the OYO export issue it was really kind of astounding and I think that's what makes for the rise Donald Trump so very possible all court can't Cruz next because he is the one who stands in the Senate almost alone challenging their given calling the set a majority leader ally earned an doing what he can do really stopped some of these things but but it's really quite incredible the base look at this and his award what's good does a Republican majority in the house incentive do if they're going to just give obama everything he wants they won't fight for anything they can even stand up and make the case on the Planned Parenthood issue are you know any number of these thing is the issue of the Syrian refugees especially after the administrator has shown that inability to even filter out people like hash the Gore the Stifle people coming in and yet they won't stand up and fight for that even maybe if they had to fight for for a while and then concede after than but but there with this one without a fight and basically Obama got everything he wanted and they say so what what what's good luck in significant majority so that outs in tennis and that leads to the rise of someone like Trump through his contempt.