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Listen: "The Warriors tied the Bulls for the most wins in a season"

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Jonathan Daniel
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Sam Baker's or the some first half hour and then Debbie Hynes the league allow muscle Jonas up the half but first his low full court brat the other stories making history was made last night immediately Golden State Warriors greeted the San Antonio Spurs Spurs would play at home it was their first movement lost all season one of The Warriors with Bigger story is The Warriors the Bulls with the most wins in a season with seventy two if they get a chance to be the Bulls record on Wednesday night as we play against the Memphis Grizzlies last time The Warriors earned the Grizzlies played I think the final score was like one twelve sixty-eight it was not close like will be beaten the record yeah you're not running you know better than that you could benefit the Golden State Warriors who will get that record on a relief crew did by going in San Antonio's and beat in May right they haven't won at home in save plenty against San Antonio in there are set to make it all last thirty-three games only ended for a even earlier this season the Spurs beating insane this was a huge huge day either mentioned earlier being in the Bay Area the last three days man that was all anybody was done about there weren't out about Donald Trump Ted Cruz Bernie Sanders we're not up but long warrior very well looking at the best basketball team the type of play and really truly I mean if they beat this record which oh and they go on to win the title are right out.