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Listen: Be overwhelming majority American people including gun owners

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Eduardo Munoz Alvarez
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President Obama is making good on his pledged to bulletins size a gun violence the package have gotten control executive actions the president will formally announced today has push the contentious issue to the forefront of the presidential campaign just weeks from the very first Iowa caucuses these are not only recommendations winner well within Meyers legal authority and the executive branch but there also warned sta be overwhelming majority American people including gun owners support and we'd GOP candidates like Ted cruiser vowing to on do anything the president does taken amigos his power all he wants he has a phone and he as a pan but if you know led by the pan you die by the pan an not panels gotten a Rice are public opinion polls show Americans overwhelmingly support expanding background checks for gun purchases butter more divided on the broader question of stricter gun laws a former South Carolina police officer charge with a gun in down in an armed black motorist is free on bail Michael slugger was released on eight five hundred thousand dollars charity beyond his trials been set for October thirty first video of the shooting in flamed a national debate about how blacks you treated by white police officers a pitch authorities today found the bodies of nine migrants including several children washed up on a beach after their boat sank while crossing Leo G unseating EU member Greece eight twenty-two migrants seeking to reach Greta rescued by the Turkish coast guard elaborate surrender way to locate the remaining five the Justice Department assuming Volkswagen every missions cheating software found in nearly six hundred thousand vehicles sold in the US potentially exposing.