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Listen: "Meanwhile it was another playoff performance to forget for Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer, turn the ball over six times!"

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Grant Halverson
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Hundred more are cancelled for today Super Bowl fifty will feature the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos likely league MVP cam Newton in the Panthers blew up the Cardinals forty nine fifth Team last evening to any NFC Championship AP Carolina que be throwing per two touchdowns and running Perdue others there was a pretty at times you've been doubt it would bet slated Audi above the yet you know when you have turnout slight this today the make it are worthwhile he's not by the way to the one rushing touchdowns in the summer salt entity in zone when he didn't really have to me while dozen other playoff performance to forget fur Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer turn the ball over six times any AFC title game it came down to a two point conversion after a Rob growing couse key touchdown catch put the Patriots within two a quarterback Tom Brady was picked often a play that would have tied the game in the closing seconds on the other side Peyton Manning seventeen at thirty to four hundred seventy six yards to tt's an knowing exceptions no question Mrs witnesses sweet day has a suite victory and to me this victory short of is a great example of what this entire seasons been why in Denver which led the league in sax racked up for more yesterday Brady was twenty-seven a fifty six first three hundred ten.