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Listen: "I changed the Lions to the Amish rate Fighters"

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David Banks
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Like I just want to my accumulate I'm just Monday Martin I'll take that over the ticket Packs nine seven one three six we asked about names for The Detroit team is four one day because the L Lehigh Valley Iron pigs Kane human aim to be cheese stakes for one get one game they're Phillies farm team we are values in Pennsylvania Chuck from Shelby tell ship stay with the food female by the Detroit Tony us I changed the Lions to the Amish rate Fighters watch out on one of those breakout that's mundane on Trenton named the Red Wings did dead winnings if they don't start winning games soon that is what they're called laid-back want us the Lions Detroit Creen puffs the Detroit Lions to Detroit Pong faces that's Matt Mccarthy face the weird winnings Miami Detroit blight the Tigers equally Detroit known lose the Wings The Detroit Red pa Apps lions in Detroit punch Keys this from Damon Telegraph those are actually going but might appetite you know usually the ticket text just come through veteran I'm in a little sore Ok once in a while and I see you I work tomorrow two four eight five three nine.