Listen: "Nets 120, Pacers 110, Magic 111, Bulls 89, Raptors 115, Pelicans 91"

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Getting to the NBA scoreboard it was the Celtics over the Suns one oh two to ninety-nine Trailblazers went away seventy-six have won all five Nets won twenty patrons one ten matzek won eleven Bulls eighty-nine records one fifteen Pelicans ninety one with the Hawks over the Pistons won twelve ninety-five Cavaliers a triple-double for LeBron on twenty-seven eleven and ten One oh seven a ninety-three over the Knicks jazz ninety-three Timberwolves eighty-four how about Gregg Popovich he leads all his star player if Ohlman the bench players lose to The Oklahoma City Thunder one eleven ten ninety-two and in the final game of the night it was the Hornets one fifteen Bucks ninety one of don't forget we complete the final four North Carolina gives Notre Dame yeah again Syracuse distaste with this NBC Sports Radio NBC Sports Radio dot com and on the bobbles Sport app.