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What Makes America Exceptional?

Eric Metaxas, author of 'If You Can Keep It: The Forgotten Promise of American Liberty', talks about the American ideals of freedom and pluralism.

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people are so hungry to what we completely take for granted so I think that is just No Doubt we will always have our hands out in fact that's kind of the feat one of defeated the book is that what makes America exceptional in that we've only had a mission in the said, , to be the country for others to say that we want Alex support our Liberties, to the whole world it's not just for us we wanna help people around the world that are suffering we want to be a beacon of Liberty for somebody, in in prison for his political believes that we've only had that we've always had this outward focus I think about the Statue of Liberty facing Al word and actually in a way that's kind of what script, tripped me into wanting to write about this and thinking about this past the Statue of Liberty couple months after Nine Eleven and I got choked up at a one McGwire Mike choked up what happened, you know I'm not really, goal but I've never been you know like, the patriotic but something happen I realized, you know people flew plain in the building and, a lot of my felony Yorkers from a New York or you know, five in all this stuff, and yet here, beautiful Statue of Adonis Liberty, the Ohl holding out the torch, people around the world insane welcome, and I I could be just got me choked up a tough there's something so noble and beautiful about that, and you know we've had our struggles but those things I really believe that that is just who we are at we care about the rest of the world and we would out will never change but we've got to talk about it, we've got to talk about you know whatever you want to talk about why he's torture wrong why are we different, some of the country's we don't do when people do why do it, and I think it's just it's been what made, it's great and we're always going to be in danger of losing that and, the reason I wrote the book it's because I feel like we've got to continue to talk about this and we've got to repair something has as we go, I know that so that you have limited time