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Listen: "North Carolina had no trouble getting in for layups for dunks"

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Jamie Squire
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And the other day maybe not and you know a huge surprise North Carolina was able to do whatever they wanted inside which is obviously one of Syracuse says weaknesses the in five games though North Carolina had no trouble getting in for layups for dunk so completely breaking down the zone but I and obviously word pinkie about a North Carolina Villanova championship they could be a lot of points and a lot of great athleticism them what do you think I don't know if he can reappeared is that fascinating kind of again because you know you know I wonder after injuring country the number one team and offset to the fifty-three but a team that doesn't make three pointers at a high rate there somewhere around three hundred and three affiliated with a little bit during their and you know what turned to run then you know I get three point shooting and you got them going against this eighteenth and just locked up defensively I think these guys like if you wanna come up with Andy cliche that every coach grows our about how much he wanted that while players with these are Q-school ruled him out there's no one on the team for tops the crafty they decide to look for more than any other team.