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Listen: "You look at that team, now they're scary defensively"

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Marc Serota
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This We want we're going to get into the Gronk thank because of people in lieu just alluded to how baseball is different than football list effort people like ten Weiss appearance at a signed a contract and therefore You got in here to the contract about to get to that does I think that doesn't work in football it's a lot different in football we will get to it but this is one of those days that everybody going to get excited about names you know people get excited last year and double can Su going to The Miami Dolphins ole hole with Cameron Wake couple those linebackers Grimes you look at that team now they're scary defensively had zero impact on the game they spent all that money and we're going to see him play out here today I mean the money that they're spending right now which action if him million dollars a year does anybody believe he's going to have a major in Paris going to try to run a better ridiculous here how much money you have to spend for that kind a cashew you competing with I was offered him fourteen ahead of somebody Brown and look at next if somebody or your total fool it's a Jack you get total fools there's no way in hell anybody was offered that guy anything close to what they got of four great You got money to spend the go to spend that that's fine so I'm going to go crazy their did whether draft TJ Yeldon pretty alright what we want they were doing it you know we went there just to get my to spend the immediate telling you can spend it better than this why these teams run through the same thing every year they get excited fans get excited national media get excited they look at the big names at home by Scott tomic ensue can you imagine what is going to be like what chemical weight coming off the edge they're going to be a killer defensively their worst offensively this year they were the year before Ok this is what happens everybody gets all excited With that the brand name and these players get all of this morning in free agency in the National Football League and it doesn't make them a better player in most cases it doesn't even make them as good as they were the previous year a second round pick thirty-six six overall TJ Yeldon of the first round at The Q who got hurt but not they fall or so years early second round pick TJ Yeldon runback the future you go on spent most money for running back in free junior fall out again there's anybody No I would get thirty want.