Listen: "Was a legendary quarterback for the New Orleans Saints"

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Rich Schultz
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Is now have things come a spiral out of control uno Rick Pitino wish that's not the way we're bringing the latest on that as well to some more talked with Ben Simmons who Ben Simmons I talked a good friend of mine see Bob a Berra was a showdown in New Orleans in you may recognize the name of errors dad body a there was a legendary a quarterbacks with the New Orleans Saints and see bottoms selfless a hell of a player plated Ellis you but he told me that he's hearing that Ben Simmons has a hundred million dollars shoe deal already lined up this Australian care after going one year Dallas un bouncing and yet he's not going to make the postseason tournament is not going to make it all just like Maryland so well than a couple years ago with Kentucky he was hurt most the year and I was kind of a weak draft class when he came.