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Listen: "I think Matthew Stafford very gifted, you'd be an idiot to say that he's not. I don't think he's a winner"

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Dave Reginek
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Are thought they before you bounce man Stafford uhm but he is a baseball that I look at that and staff He's a baseball player you know Starbucks up like a man you know you go to the principles office they start tell you Lucas of about you know it's not the look up a little bit sideline opening so he's knocking us on track and field all at once thought helike I think people squirm Staff look at Stafford has a big the bill and they're a baseball player they write got hit with his four while before a final in the World Series where would you down seven zip he's gonna Spencer three run Jack and the stats gonna be there and get a look pretty but in terms of Moments maybe he's not as big is the moment reaction these shrink's more that moment is his biggest okay per tenant the Stafford visitors the fact he's never be no 500 team on the road which is maddening could be a surprise if his career in a believable and it's it's pathetic what's goal for what it is I think Matthew Stafford very gifted there he beat idiot the save at least not I don't think he's a winner and I don't know the deliver be one do you believe in Stafford enough to say that this the guy the league the Lions offense we to a Super Bowl 'cause I don't think he is I think he can Leade weather's The Lions are any team he has enough talent to be able to be a Super Bowl Team let quarterback but he's gonna have other pieces around he cannot do Adam self I don't think he's Type A quarterback that will make like you see with can new loss all these guys it's gonna make those players better around him vs maybe Estella guys yes seeking given the passes you buy that Barbara I knew he had a great second half and then a day that's that's what matters numbers he doesn't win they did win though he missed six until in the NHL director this year they were 9 at no seven another playoff team.