Listen: "So Rob Gronkowski, always eclectic, he was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live"

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Jim Rogash
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For so long him and an deserve so much yeah yeah there's No Doubt Pop was like ok Tim you want to stay in the game you you've earned that you heard that right so Rob Gronkowski always eclectic he was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live and there was an interesting back and forth to say the least that check this out you believe in ghosts so sometimes something when you're home alone yes you get scared really yeah the whole tell you put me up and last night yeah and scary I know it's hot it's a Hahn hopes his hearing on think that was then the Super wanted I mean I'm saying there again in night out I survived last night bye within now well do you no furniture London the how's that it's funny man it's over Robin cows you from time to time I don't know if there's a percentage on it maybe it twenty-five thirty percent clip believes in goes depending on where you staying said you know it's funny though with the joke about the furniture at the end it's a good thing that Robin cows you has been successful individually and more importantly team wise because if he hadn't he's doing all this partying in joking around all this stuff we look at him like he's Johnny man's out without a doubt but the sixth as the got a long leash if laying out about a Gronk offseason do the do the Torre have some fun because of the success that allows you lotta wiggle room you know you you use Alma Mater problems when you get wins you get championships who you put up great numbers that you know up you know it took over the latter Potter's career Bird by demoted down Larsson when their practice all time or one going to practice but you know he didn't do investment years it just so happens reporter really got all the Mad day about practice right so it's it's Classic is to be say what if you win a lot of problems go away alright that we got twenty seconds I want an official Game.