Listen: "This is not a Peyton Manning case, it was just a matter bring up the history at the University of Tennessee"

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Justin Edmonds
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Against Peyton Manning which she said It was just moving a teammate the V the call you know the trainer but was saying that he did something completely different I don't know exactly what transpired but he is named in a title nod lawsuit even though he is not going to be call to the which is stand and those falling that lawsuit basically said this is not a Peyton Manning case it was just a matter bring up the history at the University of Tennessee so we're not going to tried Peyton Manning this morning but certainly you know there are many then look at Manning that are going to look at him a lot differently now land that story maybe for you came to light maybe you didn't know about it what transpired twenty years ago as compared to what you know about now but it is a said they just like everything else Father Time catches up with everybody and they do after transition and the National Football League does have star quarterbacks a lot of them up there in age some younger but I me I'm talking about the the Brees is an to Tom Brady's you know our Rodgers is still got a number years to play with the Green Bay Packers but you know you look at the quarterback position what Peyton Manning was able to accomplish at the quarterback position I don't know if you're going to see anybody have his Conn of accomplishments especially in the regular season and I do think he is the greatest regular season quarterback the National Football League has ever seen and in saying that it's a slight he is inherently speaking Irsay an okay well then there was the difference between him in the regular season and him in the postseason and they're certainly was whether it be nerves inability to consistently take his game up to another level to play Lucie to see whatever it might be there was a stark difference between Peyton Manning in the regular season compared to update Manning in the postseason as I mentioned earlier if you want out there and basically made him or he was able players brilliant in the postseason as it in the regular season I mean he would a one Super Bowl after Super ball after Superbowl that's how Brolin a was he would be the greatest quarterback the sport's ever seen I want to caught the ball he does called a career there's no doubt no debate but he will be a first ballot hall of famer and when they get into that room it will basically be what they did with Brett Farve somebody all stand up and say Peyton Manning everybody else A.I. and you move on with your debt.