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Daughter Pranks Mom: 'I Might Need You To Pee For Me For A Drug Test'

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mom, I need you to get a drug test for me from work, the best line ever to say and you have to process that as negative for me in the land, line ever three, if you can't fake the results for me we'll U.T. For me so I passed the test I would seasons, and lie number four, I boyfriend was partying last night and I took a hit without thinking, haired the a line number five, if you don't do this for me I will have to steal a year in sample from were the use that, hey, his serve a high work on, she reacts to it, [Music], [Music] command, heading home okay, Garrett said, so, you know it's got hot, why, because if you could make a minute you to break out there that it allows us out like when battle, interviews, given that night in there, by hadn't given hearing, if you can do it, I mean he's handled Strikeout, what if you have what kind and he knew he had in the final, for lateral, with everybody and I just focus. So without even although that, Alisa final, eight crazy, I think I just think think of that, well you know what you get and I have to wake them, [Music], well what it is, I don't here I think I'm rule to carry the Raptors losing, now we Hank Aaron, well well but they're very you, [Music] he can take it from point, [Music] and I think if you start had that it will help get hurt, I get all kind here today I how I need to argue about I came here [Music], golf, okay, earlier, but I know pick Adelaide, thinking about, I don't care they let forget about that, [Music] have been in late July, that come over here we'll take a crack, I think that form, exactly what it will learn how you do it and later your host now, game, [Music], this is the Mojo on the morning Chennai,