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Listen: "How does the city of Indianapolis treat the women's Final Four?"

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Tom Pennington
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The final four Bryce John fan North Carolina and Ryan hard TD after now from Villanova I just that toughness the tenacity and of course the scoring for him you're might be a lot of Aaron craft for Ohio State a better score then aircraft was better shooter I should say but I love is leadership for Villanova you can writing about if you like but those are the men cross Monday candidate that we have given you on her Facebook page a confided after hours with Amy Laurent eight five five two one two four two two seven look Let's go back to the phones hair but start with Brent youth in Indianapolis which is the most sight of the women's final for this year welcome after hours it's Brandon Indiana yes yeah Z first time call a great show I was really got into the final quarter he now that's going to be here not actually going to need the men's final born Houston okay well I I I get that Lucas Oil five work men's final four end I was the only time for Week ten Notre Dame in a we're loud a lot of great the City of Indianapolis treat the women's final four as opposed to say the Maddon's or Super Bowl or some other major sports event it's a great time in great spirits down on my defense corps will he be able to go there and watch the game now Duncan powerplay in high school but yeah that neighboring announced as many enjoys big men big Avenue driven downtown other compared to them now you know the experience when you have to do it really good guys alright so what do you think about you come in and its dominance potentially winning a fourth straight title well I Geivett with their UCLA dominated and so yeah but he didn't locking Preller Pico announcement though it now you got to beat The Browns down I'm and Indiana University graduate I want him to noted men and then I watched Connecticut Ryan you know really good the Lions did I I like your show than I do really put Bryce Nolan eye that Kelly players here or there other Heroes the Big Ten championship the ninth gallon they're willing to get into the match you got to beat about I appreciated thank you so much and enjoy the event there in Indianapolis Tommy is listening in encourage welcome after hours CBS Sports Radio.