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Listen: "In the less likely than and affixed the next annuity makes any sense"

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Harry Trump
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In the less likely than and affixed the next annuity makes any sense ten years is on the outside i probably win do a ten year but a seven year period time sure i mean if you looked at the returns of index annuities from two thousand to two thousand and seven from ninety nine to two thousand and six you know you probably did better and and then next annuity than you would have done in a balance portfolio or definitely appear stock portfolio we'll see and the other side of it is so it it works on in individuals emotional attributes as far as away the invest because there last likely to bail out of something when the market is down when they didn't go down i put a hundred thousand dollars in two and annuity i'm a conservative investor i get convince to put a hundred thousand into a bounce for foley up or stock portfolio and i see something like two thousand they it happens my most likely response to that as a conservative investor is to bail out of that product that went down ten fifteen twenty percent which means i didn't recover whereas the annuity for stuff they're not let me out because of this rent appearance plus didn't lose any money so they do have a certain segment of the environment but not everybody but you're right it is not market return spin so there cook comparable with on like returns a little there's only did three to thirty son on what the shortest period of time that you could say that you've never lost money and end up on court holy visited in a five year period for your period i don't know the answer to that you have you guys on the starting on that i know that the studies win down i don't have the numbers at my fingertips but is not just a matter of not losing money.