Could A Poor Sense Of Smell Be Connected To Alzheimer's?

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 Their life with Dr Sanjay who still don't have a conclusive test for Alzheimer's disease that scientists to discover the potential morning signed on Doctor Sanjay Gupta CNNS chief medical correspondent researchers of the mail clinic found older adults who supported poorly on the smell test more than twice as likely to begin having memory problems that very had many problems they are more likely to progress default won't sign of a small doesn't to the six related and six non related sense banana chocolate cinnamon gasoline Lemon onion things dinner pineapple rose so smoke and turban time as the ability to identify smells decreased sort of like the the memory problems in all-time seems in the future of smell test to be use an early indicator wanna problems just starting to develop the Alzheimer's association says is too soon now he's not estimated clinical diagnosis understanding due to helping you live a better