Listen: "We didn't lose that game because that fumble, I can tell you that"

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Gregory Shamus
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And knew he said this about why he didn't on the bumped into the game because that fumble but he was lost right there it was over after that play this guy does get the ball down the field as down their new damage the verbal the mound to honor it not only gave Green defining moment what you did dumb is human being on the pace New York Dudley weekdays one to three on extra sports thirteen hundred Peter per year and I get your attention all of your guy goes giving you a chance to win pizza per year with that racquet down the practice that now you need to get to any of the six nothing Colorado all Chicago location and pick up your racquet now we're close on Wednesday night and the when you bracket will receive a PTO month for years plus a one hundred dollar get for him to get lucky detracted Roger and I want you to all the games at all Chicago if the bracket I don't extra sports thirteen hundred and online at ERIE sport thirteen hundred dot com for details if the day actually show up Maria with a trend what Reno did and if he did it now he threw forty-eight touchdowns to throw for over by found in Europe and this is eased twenty-four years of age when he does it's just they never got better and if you look at the spread off the Reno had the small receivers Hooper in Clayton and that more that's unbelievable the quick passes he was going with these guys are doing now any filling in twenty years ago weekday mornings seven to ten on the extra sports thirteen hundred before read on CBS Sports Radio.