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Listen: "What a bonds lose money interest rates go up but or something or you're the high yield in things happen"

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Pascal Le Segretain
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It's also making money because the white him what a bonds lose money interest rates go up but or something or you're the high yield in things happen but on the one the one year to one your basis you know if we're looking at a bomb portfolio it may break even over three four or five years because of a declining met asset value and the interest being paid from it the to counteract each other if depending what's going on whereas with an index annuity i'm a make three or four percent compared to what i didn't make in the mom her flawless was not just about not losing money it's about also making money to not making you not make an stock market returns that is not going to happen the way they're done today alright so who had a choice between a five year but being up on now vontaze fun for five years with with right now the he'll be one percent versus is always a little one a half percent means and it's an intermediate to long term bond fund no he's and will it's a five year he's the intermediate talk okay so so my question is would you think that what you have to go with the six and that nobody over a five year very you all the make sure that on any given year i can not lose money i cannot open my statement and see a negative number so i don't know not only concerned about from years at the end of five years which way in my better off for throw which way alive will time will tell there is a chance that you will not be better off with if we have interest rates rising that you won't be better off with the the bond fund you could end up with about what you start with you could end up with the limit leslie was start.