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Listen: "Who's the best running quarterback in the neighborhood?"

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Jonathan Daniel
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Everything the week and I'm watching in 12 games in front of me at one o'clock this is my analytical not gonna say it's unbelievable if if you got kids Apple Rondae Harrison on NBC and he's a two time Super Bowl trip a career from the Chargers to the Patriots to turned pro more were already who's the best running quarterback in the neighborhood of a cam new Did you ever played against and you tackle I would probably have to say poured else do a fantastic and he was a super aptly Michael Vick was fantastic Steve Young when the unbelievable and I mean you know people look in these young man that do what he would fans had people realize how great of a nap we do you love and you know in over the Gaza come the mom and I think about that's interesting edged out of the big may have good well you know we got a scramble that would prefer to stay in the pocket but what he's winning is a great play first battle but he could drive for he would death which from what he feels first down surely other Sept facing a guy like Peyton Manning where he's a much different kinds of of quarterback and how you have played against him how you think Carolina will play him i think they're gonna do basically the same these you know and that's the thing Chris You don't wanna get to the Super Bowl in Olive but she's which it's not change which you you know you got to a point where you 17 and one and they all said you're gonna change completely changes system because of a big man and you know they're gonna play man demanding the place quarter they go place in goal coverage they're gonna occasionally lit the lamp backer five man pressure they gonna do you know the base a couple pieces that he won and they they rely on this season have led the NBA reliable once offered to make mistakes and that's why I think Gary Kubiak player we're gonna play very conservative were not turn the ball over Democratic this game close so many goals into the fourth quarter because of the last two playoff games we've played I think blown everyone I don't see how can in his office he says these young guys can handle the pressure if it's a one point leads heading into the fourth quarter if there's a free point you know deficit formative a for for me let me ask you this what Bill Belichick go you obviously played four tickets to a Super Bowl week this bill Bell a check is running and you know what's the difference between Bell attack in the rest But the difference we know exactly what an the rest meaning the rest of the head coach and I do think it's been all about preparation I mean obviously you know you have to have guys at times system we had guys veteran players and a young guy out the water system we believe in Are Colts into the fourth week of focus but he wouldn't go out and do a lot of hard and talked about you know guys were you could be a public you know signed an autographed Myrick and now there's you know I know you want the money but so Type A sacrifices teammates in order to prepare in order to give my dismay to give to wait traded if they keep it just popped rest tight races and all the little things and you're Film Study Oh then we went on the field and we played all week we felt great.