College Basketball

Listen: "Third seed will go up against Villanova"

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Tom Pennington
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In the last our a team you should watch out for out of the ACC really good basketball team third seed will go up against Avila Nova Jay right once again Another team that he's got in this position trying to close the deal in getting used to but so far we saw a memorable shots memorable upsets memorable collapses really everything in his last four days and it's been remarkable and that's why love this tournaments so much because I do like the quirky nature of it I've said this before isn't the best way to determine a champion now and nobody even says it is it's not the best way to determine a champion the best way to have a tournaments if you want to have chaos fine and get more people involved in it sure what drives this thing now people plan on bracket pools whether it's for fun Ernie Jamie will open a cash on the side that's what drives a lot of this stuff but this question over the weekend I could thing about this again woes in Memphis with my family and what not and Iman watching games on sudden Beal follow my phone and what Knight and I started thinking about the upsets in the first couple of days you know the Middle Tennessee State and I was talking about this earlier I don't necessarily want Cinderella in the final four in paid him one of the makes a Ronda Miguel Del crazy I'm not gonna say that I won't Wacha Corso watch but you know if it's up to me I brother of Kansas play North Carolina okay that's just me then Kansas playing just even a Boston no fences even a Boston just I prefer seeing that Kansas against North Carolina but I started thinking about all these sort of upsets right fourteen advancing the thirteen advancing to fifteen advancing.