The Psychology Behind Why People Like Luxury Brands

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Lintao Zhang
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Are reputation that they want to puss of the associated with then they will live up to that reputation when it comes to being an branding luxury brands really understand how to work this thing boy you know to be a luxury brand you know you're you're appealing and kind of putting your you're product you know of of above other things and to do that you have to tell the people that are buying in that they are better than other people right and i get that people know again up in arms and and that sort of thing you know i'm i'm starting out really works so you know people like you know people enjoy labels that positively associate themselves and and that way and particular people that are a little more you go driven you know we all know some people like that that is a positioning that works very well with those people because they're already predisposed to believe that and so all you have to do is just show how or whatever product or service you're doing you know helps them sort of complete that statement people like that you know you're in the right place but the bottom line is don't be afraid to label your customers you know people do like being parts of groups and so and again luxury branson imply that's appear quality our level of status an even when given and art official reason people tend to take action in order to feel that they will belong to a more of elite group of people right there's a lotta learning there for us best marketers and it does so much were you know we just kind of talking sec college it but hopefully you can see the application very easy for that led labeling _p's you know the next they don't want to talk about is is your sense of urgency you know all so you don't want to talk about too many choices you know the human brain doesn't like so many choices in fact research has shown us that if you provide more than a few choices the brain sort of goes into an automatic shutdown about too many choices.