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Listen: Very nervous in the same I think it was of that matchup the past in trauma

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Robert B. Stanton
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In sports radio and then you do and you know you good I went home and was a little early ban on about she's match very very nervous in the same I think it was of that matchup the past in trauma on you know offensive line is very erratic in West Tom Ali just using coming out that I don't trust the offensive line and blossom with good reason with good reason you don't foes over the white Total offensive line mean who knows he's gonna be on the offensive line from Nazi's from week to week often play the play and he right Justin Houston should only looks healthy today' ma against the Houston Texans an breed is you know not the most mobile than the world it's achieve shooting off said the league take you to win this game that something into their own wine is is gonna have to get the Brady my concern with the cheese on the Cheese respective all offensive only that was a big hit that is gonna be a big hit his you best player of all fence it takes you know a weapon away from it Alex Smith balance is not aDP throwing guide CEO through one ten missing Abay yard applause would've been six you know he's Morgan intermediate Passer and what the receiver yards after the catch with Jeremy Maclin is very good at that weapon is now Suite The only defied somewhere to replace those yards are seldom what would you say about the Patriots season he think they're gonna be able to contain chats helping you listen to the pages each has not the strongest to it's not their week is a par amino acids was obviously the weakest player Travis can see what would again is busy any you know him through 10 catches a hundred fifty yards and two touchdowns I don't think so i don't mean to you the shut him out but only using eat the mobile I'd buy them and then my last question and an Do you think the Patriots would have enough firepower on me off five also maybe we doubt Jameis saying they be Iran twenty-three Fournier 20 points for anyone they will have a no on-off all offensive firepower will they be able EU's it against that defensive line those line backers that's the question after that was late to kick off about one are things and think anytime dent union three ship eight five five two one two four CBS eight five five two one two four two two seven B Nobody called you'll be part of the show gets a me on Twitter Los but still a kid in San Francisco Tate you're on CBS Sports Radio.