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Listen: "It is Carolina football ball at midfield..."

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Ball hit from behind golf list with dive on at the forty nine yard line they lose to Denver comes is huge scramble for the football where the possession is this will be a new Carolina had two guys on the last day we may not know for a second might be up to the ground but Romo to say this Carolina for football ball at midfield Tags Al sad that make mix in gyms so he and Eugene Robinson Panthers rating that were two of the call was sixteen seven at that point third quarter yeah there is a reason that Gary Kubiak gameplan had a little bit of not a lot of because you knew that maybe you'll be vulnerable novel into the strip sack is we deserved also the interception both goal by the way by Tony Ealy two turnovers for the Denver Broncos on the day mistakes by Peyton Manning unfortunately for Carolina they couldn't capitalize on it as a and four turnovers of their own the city we fast-forward fourth-quarter Broncos up a six five can do it and try to Georgia down and stick a late touchdown on the board instead all rushed for the pocket is also balls not daughter's battle for what they did for Scotty Ball State free they kept the there are a lot of good and that's the play we've dissecting when camp and it's it's its own footage took a couple the steps back Dave Logan Andy McKay every doing their thing Broncos Radio Network while the Easley a big play one of those four turnovers by Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers in this one was the big one because they're only down seven zero a down six of those then wins the game for the Von Miller Ian DP of the game and really such a emotional forced the Denver defense comes up with the big play sets of D.C. de Anderson's with your touchdown a couple plays later and finally they had the two championships with John Elway going back to back with a greater role Davis twelve now is one of the show upstairs and he's got shipped number three started already start now fall was hit in Rocky Mountain region goes the Denver Broncos are world champions they have just one Super Bowl fifty Lombardi Trophy is coming call to the high set it up the Finals stayed Logan any McCaffrey world champion in Denver Broncos yeah off its wins fans with the Pens wins championships the scene that was over the last two years el now Denver they try to do unpaid made a couple years ago this fifty touchdowns season and all the records that they settle offensive in they give battle for the divisional round by the Baltimore Ravens but this year John Elway had had the formula Wright was run the ball offensively as they did it was the day and is that had quite a day as well on the on the ground with a ninety yards on twenty three carries in a touchdown but it was a defense their ruled the day two dollars for John Elway for doing it old-school always about the quarterback <silence> now that's bad news began budging all my head because I'm tired and I'm a little loose in the mind as it is going to stick there and I've got as I think it was out because cells are do a lot about how the hell that popped in my head it's funny I walk around Saturday night was in San Jose crop I would say basically all day Saturday but he picked me up that of seven forty five played a phenomenal golf courses Goldson aboard Hill's really nice twenty seven holes beautiful layout Ned there's no Holmes one of those got a core that was in danger just phenomenal soul with nobody dropping off as well they were right in San Francisco was that the high bridge to see right sole there is no way I could get you the holds ill as a do Drummond hope of the Bay Bridge near eighteen see award back then I don't want to go I was walking back on the on Saturday night prior body thirtieth whatever was I was convinced that it's like this city was able to lift up the core or like post or of mailbox or even a person and put it inside of a big bold and smoke it I think they would try it well abdullah did was had its legal in California with Kevin if you have medicinal I don't I don't know that you could walk down the Sri but that's what people the hit and see how the Cubs don't care how good course a dog clearly because of walking down the street dude's got like a pipe because you don't.