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Listen: "The Atlanta Falcons had been a mess their front office is a mess"

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Ronald Martinez
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The Cleveland Browns the you know Jimmy has love with ties to the Manning family does that but this paid what a raised a family in Cleveland I'm not sure no offense to Cleveland but I'm thinking there's thirty two franchises maybe there's a better one of the better place to live in Cleveland a more desirable place to live you don't have winter use their there's other places the Atlanta Falcons had been a mess their front office is a mess right now they have like five X general managers on the payroll I'm not kidding you five and one who should be next general manager who isn't in Thomas Dimitroff I would tossed the keys to my franchise to Peyton Manning without blinking in a sack can't I would do that move because I want to know that I've got somebody in the job who wants to be ferocious in attacking it and I know already he's got superior NFL's intellect he's a guy who could dominate the chess game that he's going to play with somebody and I know I have no reason to believe that Peyton Manning is a guy who's going to get fat unhappy they may get fat some people do as they get old i'm fighting that myself to make sure that doesn't happen to me and but Peyton Manning is not going to let himself or be a non-factor if he takes over a franchise my keys I'd be walking in on the owner and I'd me pay the hotel and I say Payton what you're like the biggest stake in the house already chicken fish the paid now to get is something to see this I'm dangling these are the keys to the executive office in fact I will move my office down the hall to give you the office with the best of you because I want you to bring your insights your energy your expertise to my franchise there is going to be another chapter written for Peyton Manning and I believe he's going to be a brilliant front office guy because everything about him screams success and work ethic and attitude and drive and Insights I want him I want to brighten the Eagles I don't know it Marco bloody which you up it let's say the Giants had another bad year next year and they were ready to make a change in the front office you know which would you would you be excited if they were courting Peyton Manning or they hired paid mid yeah absolutely I think would be hilarious with Eli there but yeah absolutely that aside yeah if there's a guy that you could tell me you know you just of dangling the keys yep a man's got on tell he's a guy but I would absolutely have no problem given the keys to my franchise step because I know it work is backside off yet he made and I think that's what you're looking for you may not make every right decision it's different when you're in the executive office it's different but there's two things that you know he's going to when you can you can I work on and you know that he knows the game the inside out not just what's going.