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Donald Trump Speaks About Flag Burning At North Carolina Rally

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Sean Rayford
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But we jeff this morning bits of rain and drizzle patches of fun been mostly cloudy for the rest of the day high forty nine mostly cloudy tonight low thirty eight in midtown tomorrow first can show where clausen some high forty four for friday blustery sharply colder despite some on wednesday just into about forty miles an hour of a high around forty real feels in the twenties on saturday partly sunny and cold five thirty six forty degrees now cloudy in new york humidity of eighty nine percent of who wins or variable of seven it's forty we're going up to forty nine in midtown wentz there's time five most sacks presidential are trump took is frank you to urge of three of through north carolina last night to give a shout out to the servicemen and women of nearby port flag and he talked a bit about flag vernon we love our flag and we don't like it when we see people ripping up bar flag in burning are flag we are like we don't like it and we'll see what we're going to do about that okay experts say for now at least like burning is protected by the first amendment for president a large also brought out on stage retired marine general jameson mad dog matters says victor secretary of defense gonna warm welcome but another one of his cavalier picks not going over so well in certain circles webster's propose national security advisor general michael when first punditry if you know reports and fifty religious and social justice organizations what his name withdrawn complaining that the general has inflammatory views groups also raise more so sin to valley gay shifts on one occasion while overseeing intelligence in afghanistan former government officials tell see and then did flynn shared classified information from another agency with pakistan flynn told c and the allegation quote is not true not even close but the incident led to an informal reprimand though no charges officials to tomorrow the president so i travels to ohio state university where he'll need for victims of attacks via somali immigrants president.