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Listen: "In the NFL to be a bad quarterback you have to be really good"

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Thearon W. Henderson
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The truth though that's why he was no longer Jacksonville as the number one pick for them in and at San Francisco but to his credit the guys worked on his game and played much better like of told a different player there in San Francisco and Antwaan saw him a lot when he was with the Colts because they're the same division of course and so I think that's what the dregs of and Andy probably had the same reaction that amid Bart Scott we've Mention Brandon Weeden another quarterback Geno Burke for the baby in all that's If you going up against a guy a year second third year in the league and he still hadn't figured out and years safety back there you know you to get some picks you know good you have to be to be that bad you know what I mean that you know it in the NFL's to be a bad quarterback you have to be really good you have to be better than so many people right the get your Ben in the NFL's made fond of forever but get you made it to the NFL's a quarterback the get Malls City Year and make fun of that person because are not as good as the best quarterbacks in the NFL's yeah that's not a fun life I don't think they need to make five just noted the wind was partially so nobody's judging you're making fun of him it's what I do ace in Jacksonville is why you apologizing because I know how hard it is that's why it's difficult it's a difficult gig and and once again to his credit he played much what's better and had a different rhythm to his game and it was more live to is gave me going forward as it says the where you started crash no of mine middle Crennel going back to the bar salute done as one still open your start you're doing your eyes you get a little heavy they were having when I was the Gabba their get more I can tell you yawning a little bit In yawn I could easily Bryant not sleep last night this why we are bringing the cells twenty fifth trooper or injury last week in last night I know I wore into a dead and you told me though that was going to happen what was when that happens you were going to have some sort of know who doesn't have a relapse I told you you won't be Jay would show up the last nine so what do you do <silence> I told you the Friday show would righted so we should all go out and have a good time we've been very good since we've been here you did in a bed by thirty nine o'clock every night and the last day i'll do our thing that's what we did last nuts would you did we were due to home forty early you're a moment what's in thirty earlier than then though you were not we were embed by ten thirty you're not home early on the Nets were you're will do that call or ten o'clock were back before ten thirty no doubt OK and I was back <silence> you know you contributed to my demise how do they do that couple stops we may after the party here to station he went to a couple of the and was fine we set of eyes that down a couple cocktail leg normal people yeah shaquille O due to figure that out we're all talking about the big game Brian who's going to win it but there's another big game.