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Coach Jay Wright's Proud Words Following Villanova's Record-Breaking Win Over Oklahoma

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Streeter Lecka
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I already it was more that could happen to anybody I feel bad for Oklahoman that it happened to them in the final four and I'm happy we have won those games are does make every shot we had and the shot clock shots we just throughout the win in Jay Wright is correct might is has enough playing on the Wildcats forget the might it's touch the Wildcats are shooting goal lights out right now seventy-two per cent international semifinal against one of the best teams in the country I feel badly for Oklahoma tear the last time the OU went to a final four men's basketball I was working in Norman it was one of my last stops in local radio so was amazing to feed former colleagues I had a chance to speak with the athletic director and also the selection committee chair job is to glee out listens to our show all the time I just to just reconnect with so many different friends in colleagues from my time in Oklahoma and they're all very mobile very excited all just completely enamored with buddy healed and the group that it started a hundred and five consecutive games it's not as though I expected the game to go one way or another but I certainly never thought they Oklahoma would play that poorly even when the Sooners got within nine in the second half in the paint started to get excited naked feel a comment In hey maybe buddy healed is going to have to find a groove here Dylan O slams the door hes here and Kevin Google or on the West with one NCAA Radio Network his second half twenty-five did nothing wrong and that doesn't happen in college basketball it's certainly doesn't happen international time I've finals so it was the perfect storm for no by the Wildcats are just killing it on both ends of the court and what they were able to do authentically against Oklahoma was astounding so that was the first national for my phone Hill I understand.