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Listen: "Take the money and apply to which the court with the highest interest rate"

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Chung Sung-Jun
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Quite are many cordial may have take the money and apply to which the court with the highest interest rate gonna continue to do that entry red meat east eighty percent below you're credit limit do credit card companies recognize what's happening to the ECB signs and no no put a red flag on you somehow yeah sure not only did they see what's going on on a major credit card credit card companies have be ability to to monitor your credit so they might be able to take go winning streak wait a second you know Mr Jones is speeds so he's credit card balance and honest credit cards are also increasing that's a red flag and what that individual credit card or problem that may do this and well were you were credit limits then they're doing at the done by looking at me because now that's going to affect utilization ratio even you know more devastating likes speaking with Paul foster easy owner and founder of a credit management firm a New Jersey called Better qualified were talk about tips on tackling holiday bills alright but wow all right so of the of the files you handle what public what percentage of the end up in some sort of bankruptcy whether it's chapter seven er chapter thirteen I know that's a last resort but but I don't mention if it's a little straight sure put it should may need it so we short that's not any resource it's not you know was too much is it should be don't we all have a protection that under the law that they did you can not pay your bills it'll you conspire bankruptcy.