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Listen: "You could argue the Carolina Panthers"

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Justin Edmonds
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I think that's what it's gonna take the Panthers this might just be the beginning you think about it You could argue the Carolina Panthers have the best all offensive player in the NFL and the best defensive player in the NFL and almost people give JJ Watt the best defensive player but it's not like a Luke Kuechly is much far behind Kuechly does everything Liza latter real quick this is incredible his knows the foot balls incredible his work ethics incredible this play makings incredible the guy's a quarterback on the defensive side ante does everything a great not everything well that everything good not something the great everything great and he's in his prime cam Newton as were seeing is the most the danger race quarterback in the league there's certainly no argument to be made about the best quarterback and it would certainly take Campbell winning this to be considered even enact breath of the best quarterback but he's gotta be the most dangerous goes How do you stop it pick you're pool using so if we have the league MVP an may be one of the two best defensive players any NFL an both those guys during their mid twenties and we have a 15 and one squad this year the Denzel winning the Super Ball you could argue the Carolina Panthers or right now on the cost of having to be considered one of the greats of all time now I hesitate to put too much too soon all they squad big It wasn't that long ago that I was doing radio interviews in Seattle being asked whether the Seahawks were gonna be a dynasty The Seahawks right now three years later have one oh one Super Bowl not three not to an and the Prague gotta lose Marshawn Lynch they could lose other players that defense the talking about maybe Kam Chancellor it does at last for long it might to break apart but the Panthers this year i'd air and I still don't think people understand how hard that is the crazy thing about what you just said is you said they might have thee best about one of the two were three best offensive players in the NFL not even sure which which play you're talking about the guy being Orman Josh Norman or Luke Kuechly yeah ands That's what makes that defense el incredible is that they don't even need it incredible safeties they don't need tool lockdown corners their front four so good at an they're lying backing you would it covers so much ground at an Josh Norman is still out standing in that every bit of that defense picks up the other side of the defense that that's what's interesting I think about this matchup in the Super Bowl gonna make it about Peyton versus cam but really those two defenses are eighty story if not these story look at what both the data last Sunday The Carolina Panthers obliterated blew up picked the feathers off the Cardinals and that was the Cardinals are fans they granted did look great against the Packers but had not water to three great wider Sabres huge a big play potential a tremendous play caller in coach Andy of very good running back then stepped in when Chris Johnson went down be other Johnson and they they pulled off the blew up the whole game plan and Carson Palmer didn't help himself but man they may Carson Palmer look like a total chop On the flip side the Broncos defensive effort Ruiz was even more impressive because they did it against the Patriots look like clockwork the week before against the Chiefs an we saw what they have done a win their when their skill position guys were healthy ground at the goal line Edelman their offensive line was no good but Tom Brady rarely If ever looks that Boston up that Broncos defensive performance his Stork Lee great so yeah it's cabinets Payton but more it's cam vs the Broncos daily an Payton vs the Panthers day it's also so obvious that this Super Bowl and we rarely get this scene sports but it could be a very clean turning the page the next generation of the NFL because it has been for fifteen years and Brady and yes II lies crashed the party and yes roughest burgers crash the party and yes Russell Wilson's crashed the party but mostly fur fifteen years eighty and that's what we all watched and the jersey flew off the shelves we talked about them being the greats of all time in an this league.