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College Basketball

Listen: "Now he's just a footnote. He's no longer a hero or the guy who tied it up"

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Gregory Shamus
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A shot off you take it to be on the three in those days you probably work efficient enough from three point territory so it was going to be a mess now everybody commit threes yeah six sex but kids to make three point shots though with regularity and he wins it with this report great play and I know was early but probably decision by arch practice couple guys has figured four seconds left over get the ball out of bounds goose breakdown their chuck it up right he left that guy the trail of wide open is a great look you know they get guys and make the rim protecting the rim Munich we don't score seconds to go what if somebody back there and the thing is like so Marcus Paige for UNC he makes the said but so he Double a really it almost looks it's desperation more than a appeared but he did have some nice you know control to what you think he's completely off balance is no it's going in now he's just a footnote it's like he's no longer in all be here are the guy the tied it up and maybe go but this thing into overtime now it's just forget about its Chris Jenkins and that that so quickly mean great game back and forth tons of runs I mean just really a competitive good game that's cause for forty-two to go you're up ten with the ball I think I believe so and I mean that would've that would have been like that the right like the disorder gave it up that was just my only my own gripe is that it's just starts to damn late throw I've already won a were I don't know why thirty once I starting Ottawa's nine squad that night thirty why can't we give a seven game a seven thirty-two but yeah yes what about the children when throw threw one I want you don't play.