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Listen: The Raiders stay in Northern California

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Donald Miralle
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By the mask somebody even like this over the home you know what I led the Michigan four field wasn't built it was built my second year there and what I want the party X overall about when I mean I went every Sunday the cover the lines but I also went to I guess it was the Motor City Bowl I think it was then okay I think it's still managed to only for writers we have more on the talk about that's right an know he's at ease with Houston we had the coach of Toledo we have Hermann as well yeah but he was talking about the Motor City bowl or whatever they call it now it's called yeah I remember going to the potty X over the home a Monday night game you know the when the Lions were off or they were just so bad could get they drifted Harry today were terrible yeah end the Rams rolled been great a show on turf in they hold like fifty autumn an like the next week was like the Motor City bowl Anders maybe five thousand people the venue an at least on the Monday night game as the credit but is the building was at a look like a big box a tinfoil firmly outside kind of yeah member if you remember the wrestled maybe a 3 overhead shot is big big big event there at least when the people they got a mask it but what it simply you really get a feel for Andy stadiums are all for that the bottom line is this you know i know but the Gase wrangling the go-to San Jose that's never gonna happen and just as a proven a be viable that that's that that have that momentum clearly disappear did I could probably make the case now that the Chargers and the Rams go the Southern California the Raiders stay in Northern California and they find a way to build a new Coliseum but the problem is an you've gotten over logistics of the area there's no Boris yeah and it just it did not go and eighty one days games the middle nowhere yeah no there's great freeway access exact very accessible by an ball or you know there which is the me like their their train system it's great it's great but you got it yet have more and I don't think you could build the stadium in Oakland which is overly depressed economically now an have like the best concerts at these I don't see it yeah but with the Warriors were leave acres the right next door that would justify that expensive gotta have other things going on you got and that's what that's what this with a Rockies talking about what he's gonna have concerts gonna have maybe in Olympics I mean all kinds of things in the in the venue and if you don't have that vision for a new stadium and I wonder how you are you how you do it by the way when they sold the when they Bill fourth field you know so we don't gotta languished a little bit what's up yesterday on an they sold bit Am I think you can buy could be fair check this out it was sold the years ago the like three hundred something thousand dollars wow so some go-to guy like board it now Play flank football the Not sure what he and liability requirements or a but you were able to actually buy the Pontiac sulfur don't allow for a couple of hundred Jamie played there to my rookie season at a do let's see I did have a stat I think I was hurt and I was hurt the got hurt against these Who knew that program together rise hero got hurt against he and I know how I got hurt against became a fun like the west that I have but we did go there the Royals would play that sees us well we still called thee he DW way Bill all while whole team Governor that awhile DW eight Doha all he Edward Jones Billy W Wade bill wow that game I had the same Kerry's before your but boy All five pure true the France Italy stances her fifth team you have any took three kids is 15 yards had 19 yards on 12 but it's kind of you know who the running back Avila so let me guess the Rams Mrs nineteen ninety seven Bettis now Lawrence Phillips that's right yeah but us Bettis a diss Wes but they did News got by the yeah wow.