Ronnie And Nancy Reagan, A Love Story: Behind The Scenes With Air Force One's Chief Steward

Howie Franklin, former Air Force One Chief Steward, reminisces about his experiences with Ronald and Nancy Reagan aboard the presidential airplane.

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everything you've heard in the press I think you're going to absolutely true I mean if we can you and excel rated issue that would you start which you know of of the whole administration understood imaging, and they did it naturally they understood image shoes always a plea so a very pretty sure what the crew the service but we gave when Air Force One but you know we buy you make years we used to see the President and First Lady behind the scenes and I do mean in front of us but they would Carson we'd be flirting with each other which we out there with delightful Lucy and and you feel like you know and and a guy who would say the me in front of is Mrs, oh Reagan he'd say how you plays you'll get my daughter were glass award you know you know you know you know they'll know those sweet things back and forth now she was Ibut Ellie audience she was very protective of him and also very funny within an in the great white cutaway kind Abbas they you know like she did I told the story about how he had me with a group of us and she needed to disclose and said hey you know those a very important people Ronnie athletes but you different jacket on and she was like that she's like who otherwise you know they tell you what the do and she had no as they should telling the present right yeah absolutely but you know remember a story and we saw we Palmers cheese light ten and we were going to allow to japan we stopped in Alaska earnings wanna go out here playing for small meetings somebody and as they were taxiing an medicine the pros United States gives a direct would through treatments origins only Palm races so we give me my trench coat, the first lady looked up and said to the boat Sobol no given would go with the four oh there you go realized at the chief message and presages gonna whatever the present other and they know they're in trouble in tomorrow I'm verbal communication go and they know they're in trouble in the presence of you know as a what it's all we in trouble so you know he he makes a few of those of statements about a trench coat versus deal the Coco it he said you know what maybe over to rest by with the so called for call it ouster was concerned about a good warm coat's your way, we they did the two men gave up and and then she said you were in the go with the for go have those big coat thing in Iceland to the right with the garbage stuff and all that right that was the funny business absolutely so why but anyway and the president was very efficient when airplane comes to a stop he was right again last year point so he waited to the last minute with no time which that he looked at saw wheels me was walking on a stay room and said I'm not where my glove so right, the Dow and the Cavs so it was you know with the mail we think it wasn't and he understood should care and things of that nature