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Listen: "We are down to just two teams still standing in the NFL"

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After we've already we are down but just two teams still standing any NFL being tired 2016 season has come down to who won the Super Ball from Levi Stadium in Santa Clara go bay area will be hosting all the festivities Kang all week end two days from now we will be on the ground in San Francisco taking are show on the road so we're excited about that but there's a lot the fifth there were until that i don't even think I've figured out everything that I feel or wanna say all they reactions I had championship Sunday they whirlwind Here's what we do know the Broncos will be making their eighth Super Bowl appearance in team history that ties he NFL records of course John Elway was the quarterback from both of their titles Suther to win five in ensue Pro Bowls visit me Peyton Manning is fourth Super Bowl appearance second inning three years with the Broncos though course it is not been a season like we've ever seen before from Peyton Manning it may be his last those of you who follow Troy rank who is being great Broncos insider for the Denver Post He mentioned on Twitter but after all of these Post Game Press Conference is all the pictures everybody offering congratulations end the locker room finally thinning out that Payton got is family together and they walked out across the field quiet after everything was gone the fan fears were gone and everything they had moved indoors Anthony stuff to reflect you could certainly appreciate but this could very well be the last that we see a Peyton Manning now a lot of people predicted that this would be the game that would send him into retirement AFC Championship but hasn't spent all year long and for the Denver Broncos defense first All fence does just enough so it's Peyton Manning in his fourth can Newton any his first Carolina Panthers in their second as they franchise going back to the 2003 season what do you taking away from championship Sunday were giving you a variety of ways that you can't away again on her Facebook page but with the pictures It's After hours with Amy Lawrence.