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Listen: "State senator Kathy Marchione: We can never forget our Vietnam Veterans"

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Officials say several thousand area residents stop that have moon town Park over the past five days to view the move in Wall the replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was in the half moon since Thursday and closing ceremony was held yesterday State Senator Kathy Marsh own says having the wall in happening with a fitting way to mark the worst fiftieth anniversary we can never forget that Vietnam Veterans fifty-eight thousand men and women tonight only act they did not get the Welcome Home that the consider and we needed to say Welcome Home the replica Wall was created in nineteen eighty-four and contains the names of the fifty-eight thousand veterans who are listed on the wall in Washington DC now heads to Ohio after its five days day in search of their County so police arrested the driver involved in a hidden run accident in Wilt and then seriously injured in nine year old boy twenty-nine year old Brittney Weiss of Wilson is charge would leaving the scene of an accident and on aggravated on licensed operation the accident happened Friday night as the Boyd wrote is bicycle on old Hickory drive in the pyramid Pines trailer park trooper say they received a tip about a sport utility vehicle would damage at a home in Wilt and then that led them to Weiss he turned or Sell fan and was issued appearance tickets for we'll can talent court.