Listen: "If this were an NFL player, we wouldn't blink twice"

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Mike Hewitt
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Connor Macgregor surprise retirement is they money play thirty-two percent and you say it's a power plays for nearly three quarters easier thing it's one of the other if the money or if the screwing it alive in charge around here fifteen berth at the BMO these are people after my own hard who is gonna Macgregor good for year good for you for being willing to admit and then thirteen berth at a new actually believe you actually by Connors tweet and he is in fact retiring some of the other things we talked about watching another Fighter sustain injuries that eventually killed him and Connor being courtside That Fight in a ringside inside ringside That Fight in doubling Macgregor is twenty-seven he's already made more than a million dollars in his career could he do something out does he want to do something out we abyss were an NFL player we wouldn't Bling twice over it because there are NFL players now that are retiring a Younger age as they've made for money they wanted to do something else they wanna have their help intact eight five five two one two fourteen two seven clay is listening in Anderson South Carolina welcome to after our CBS Sports Radio.