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Listen: "Not to mention he's not even proven as a quarterback yet"

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Jared Wickerham
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I'm not sure how personally I am unable to be objective about this and I do hope is Brown's and if you're defending him that your team keep but that's probably unlikely the Cowboys should wish born not to mention he's not improving as a quarterback yet exactly what he'd done to prove that he can be a viable winning starting quarterback in the NFL exactly what but side to lose the starting job four times four times in two years at a already You know what is your wish list gets men del good for you know what Desir wish list your new year's resolution for your NFL team as we close in on the start of the NFL New Year at a low radio also in our Facebook page worse IP some of your post there I know they like to ten messages on Facebook and wall you're on Facebook please poster questions for ask me anything it's our home shows staple so got home show be NFL New Year championship weekend college basketball I had no idea that Tuesday was International Women's Dana coming up in a few minutes I got to share a letter with year with but I received from Boston English teacher it really did make my week so we will do that this Tower also eight is and ball but he keeps our it's like I do he them all eight of the Boston Celtics not only a really good friend of mine one of my favorite people in the world but the Celtics are in my opinion a little engine that good and that describes the team eight AB but you different ways physically I in terms of the perception of the fell takes a where they are you might call them a finger roll it this was college basketball on March Madness so well dig ended the Celtics a little bit coming up later this coward eight five five two.